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Impact / Our Work

Transform Lives
Every day, all day, someone needs help.
They rely on support from generous people like you.
You will make a difference in their lives and it will make a difference in yours
We highlight just a few of those who need your help

Helping the Elderly
Our oldest beneficiary is a 91-year-old woman with stage 4 bedsores subsequent to her surgery. She is very weak and unable to move around.  Nursing home is providing her with minimal care and not the critical care she desperately needs. Her friend and Polish Assistance provide assistance for extra care.  Her strong will to live is her story. Your donations help the elderly such as Marianna live out their years in dignity.


Helping the disabled

Stanislaw is 61 year old, lives in a shelter and can’t find a job due to his physical condition.  He has been in the U.S. 31 years. He is asking for prothesis so he can walk without a support and be independent. Even getting to the doctor by bus is extremely painful. His application included 2 inches high medical records.


Help in an emergency
In June, a tour van heading to Boston was full of Polish and Polish-American tourists was involved in a fatal crash. There were 11 people in the van, which flipped and ejected all occupants. Two Polish citizens died as a result of injuries suffered in the crash. Among those was Leszek. Since then his body has been transferred to Poland where he is buried.  His wife, Edyta, is still in a hospital and after months of critical care is awaiting rehabilitation. Her daughter came from Poland and is constantly beside her.

Providing medical assistance
Most of our beneficiaries have serious health issues.  One of our most recent recipients has renal cell carcinoma of the right kidney.  Another beneficiary has been in shelters for the homeless since 2012 and has a history of traumatic brain injury and seizure disorder.  He is under psychiatric monitoring.  A few dollars from Polish Assistance allow him to buy a few basic necessities.

Why I give?  Simple question…. many personal reasons…  Giving back… sharing is caring… have done it for 3 generations .. but most of all … I want to help to alleviate human suffering!

Support when its needed the most
We answered a call from a woman whose apartment burned down. She is living in a shelter.  Red Cross helped initially.  Now we need to help until she and her children find another home. We continue to provide supplemental aid to a widow with 5 young children who is unable to work full-time.
Warm Meals

It’s summer!  Time for a cook-out? Our homeless population has plenty of imagination.  They need food. In the winter, our Annual Holiday Wigilia dinner provides a warm meal and clothing for the elderly and homeless.

We help those who live in safety-net hospitals are New York City’s long term rehabilitation & nursing care centers and we have been providing aid to Polish residents for many years. $50 per month allows them to buy a much-needed personal items.

When reviewing requests for assistance, our primary considerations are financial hardship, age and poor health such as incurable or terminal illness.

Each applicant goes through an initial review process and is re-approved annually. The official poverty guideline starts at $12,060 per person and $16,240 for a family of two. We sadly report that most applicants meet these criteria.

Once an applicant becomes our beneficiary, we are usually committing often to his/her support for their remaining lifetime as most of our recipients have little chance for quality of life improvement. In most cases, these individuals are seniors with serious health issues that have no means of supporting themselves. We also provide aid to patients in a “long term acute care hospital”, the city’s safety-net provider of healthcare services.

Emergencies happen. If the condition is temporary, we may give one-time assistance or for a very short time.

Dear Polish Assistance: I wish you the best. You have no idea how much your assistance is critical for sick people like me.  I thank you with all my heart!” Grazyna O., legally blind, diabetes, numerous health issues, etc.