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Every day, all day, someone needs help.
They rely on support from generous people like you.
Help us, help them
You will make a difference in their lives and it will make a difference in yours.
Your donation will impact these lives

The Polish Assistance’s mission is to provide assistance to persons of Polish origin who are at risk or needy in times of unforeseen hardship
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Polish Assistance is celebrating 63 years of providing aid to individuals who are at risk or in crisis due to poverty, mental or physical illness.

Your support enables Polish Assistance to bring stability to these individuals by providing basic needs for housing, food and healthcare.

We rely 100% on your financial support to help these individuals.
We do not receive any assistance from state nor federal agencies.
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Now more than ever, ethnic communities need help.
It is not a political statement.
It is just a tragic reality.
We help the needy and desperate live out their lives in a foreign land with dignity.
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Because of caring people like you, we make a positive impact on the Polish Community by providing food, shelter, comfort and hope to those in need.
We serve the aging population that unfortunately will not be able to achieve long-term financial stability and most become life long recipients of our aid.
When reviewing requests for assistance, our primary considerations are financial hardship, age and poor health such as incurable or terminal illness.
Official poverty guideline starts at $12,060 per person. We sadly report that our applicants meet this criteria.
3% of U.S. population declared Polish Heritage.  Some need help. And we need to be there for them.
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Your compassion and generosity will bring critical care to those who need it the most

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We are rich in tradition and generous in compassion
Polish Assistance, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established to provide assistance to persons of Polish origin in times of unforeseen hardship.
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