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Our Mission at Work

When reviewing requests for assistance, our primary considerations are financial hardship, age and poor health such as incurable or terminal illness.

Some of our cases include

  • Helping the Elderly: our oldest beneficiary is a 94-year-old woman who has been receiving monetary assistance from us since 2005. Your donations help the elderly live out their years in dignity.
  • Helping the disabled: our longest aid granted is to a 83-year-old disabled woman who has received funds for critical medical assistance from us since 1996.
  • Providing medical assistance: we are now helping a stroke victim and a woman undergoing breast cancer treatment.
  • Support when its needed the most: we provide supplemental aid to two widows with young children who are unable to work full-time.
  • Warm Meals: our Annual Holiday Wigilia dinner provides a warm meal and clothing for the elderly and homeless.
  • Healthcare: Safety net hospitals are New York City’s long term rehabilitation & nursing care centers and we have been providing aid to Polish residents for many years. $50 per month allows them to buy a much needed personal items.