Polish Assistance

Polish Assistance
Polska Bratnia Pomoc
Rich in tradition, generous in compassion
Celebrating 60 years of providing assistance to individuals 
who are at risk or in crisis due to poverty, mental or physical illness

Polish Assistance - by the numbers

One individual has been receiving assistance since 1996

Two oldest assistance recipients are 81 and 91 years old

Three more applications were recently approved and more applicants
are already under consideration

Four needy individuals have been receiving assistance for over 10 years

Five individuals are living in the long term acute care hospitals,
the New York City’s safety-net providers of healthcare services
Diamond Street Fire Victims received assistance
Was disributed to the Diamond Street Fire Victims


60 years
of helping the needy in our Polish American community

They all thank you for your support

Diamond Street Fire Victims
You answered the call—thank you. Life goes on and you made is easier to bare the burden… 14 people were left homeless after 3 buildings burnt down on Diamond Street in the Greenpoint neighborhood in Brooklyn  on  February 14, 2016.   It took 170 firefighters over 3 hours to stop the fire. Among victims are approximately 14 Polish Americans.  Some lost everything.  All feel lucky to be alive. Neighbors stepped up by providing clothing and shelter.  American Red Cross provided temporary housing for some.  The Polish community reacted swiftly and over $30,000 was distributed to the fire victims.  Special thanks goes to the organizing committee.  

Details:   New York Times  or Nowy Dziennik (in Polish with photos)

  • RIP. Our deepest condolences go out to family and friends of recently passed long-time members and supporters of Polish Assistance: Mr. Witold Sulimirski, Countess Dagmar de Brantes, Ms. Arlene Kieta, and Mrs. Alice Pyka.
  • Polish Assistance adds two new aid recipients - a woman with stage 4 cancer and a bricklayer that lost usage of his hand and is unable to work 
  •  2015 Newsletter   Please read about our upcoming celebration of 60 years of providing assistance to those in need in our Polish American community.  Read their stories and find out how you can help. 
  • You are making a difference in their lives    
  • Please request to receive occasional updates from us

60th Anniversay of Polish Assistance 1956-2016
60 years ago, a successful and philanthropic group of Americans of Polish heritage formed an organization to support World War II heroes who immigrated to America from Poland to escape communism. Today, a new generation of successful and philanthropic Polish Americans is upholding the tradition of providing assistance to individuals who are at risk or in crisis due to poverty, mental or physical illness. Their support enables our organization to bring stability to these individuals by providing basic needs for housing, food and healthcare.
Our main fundraiser is the annual Bal Polonaise. The first fundraising ball, was organized by Count and Countess Jan Dembinski, Maestro and Mrs. Arthur Rubinstein and the cosmetics queen Helena Rubinstein. The 57th Annual Bal Polonaise was held on Saturday, February 6, 2016 at the prestigious and magnificent Grand Ballroom of the Plaza Hotel in New York City. The Plaza has been host to many of the Bal Polonaise fundraisers. We celebrated the 60th anniversary of Polish Assistance, our rich traditions, and most importantly your generosity and compassion for those less fortunate.

Mission Statement

To provide assistance, primarily financial, to persons of Polish origin who are at risk or needy.

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